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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Ambition:  thinking you can start a major project less than 48 hours before you need to have it wrapped and under the tree

Stupidity:  (a) thinking the project is "quick" and "easy"; (b) not planning on time to block it

Insanity:  forging ahead anyway, determined to have it finished in time

Despair:  at 1 am the night before the project needs to be finished, with at least 2-3 hours of work still to be done, and immediately after sewing in the ends and cutting them, discovering that you joined the last motif backwards and twisted

Desperation:  very very carefully finding the yarn end you just cut and very very gently un-sewing it from the motif so that you can just rip out and redo the last few stitches rather than having to cut the motif out and start it over from scratch

Comfort:  telling yourself that took less time than cutting the motif and starting it over (this actually probably is true)

Relief:  having the thing finished and blocking on your bedroom floor an hour before the recipient arrives  (No, it was not dry when they needed to leave, but it was close.  We used a hair dryer to speed things up at the end.)

Tears of Joy:  the response from the recipient that makes it all worth it  <3

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I should probably be freaking out right now.

Or maybe more accurately, I should probably be crocheting.  Christmas is a week away and I have at least 3 projects to finish, another to start, and a fifth that I won't even attempt to start before Christmas - the recipient of that one is getting a photo of the pattern and the yarn and an IOU.  *blush*  I think I'm still ok on time, since Jimi has taken Wed and Thurs off work and has Fri off anyway, and my plan for those days is pretty much to let him handle the toddler while I crochet like a madwoman.  Except of course that 2 of those projects need to be finished by Fri because that's when we're doing Christmas with Jimi's dad.  And I'm not sure how much work time I can count on on Friday.

Of course it also means that I should also be doing things like putting the laundry away and cleaning the bathroom, so there is less of it to do Wed/Thurs and I *can* spend that time crocheting instead of getting the house ready for company on Friday.

This is obviously why I have suddenly decided to post here for the first time in almost 4 months.

Yeah... I should probably be freaking out right now....