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Saturday, November 27, 2010

An Actual Reveal

I keep meaning to post pictures of finished (or maybe even - shock, gasp! - in progress) projects.  But I never manage to actually do it.  Well, I'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out, and I just have to share it.  Although I will say I am less pleased with the photos.  I really really would love to find a spot where I can get a decent amount of natural light.  *pouts*  Ah well, I do the best I can.

So would you like to see it?  It's something very appropriate for the season... and I am hurrying to get this one in the mail today and crossing my fingers that the recipient gets it in time, I made this one for a swap, you see.  All right, a little peek then.  I bet you can guess what it is.

I can't tell you how excited I was to find that fabric for the bag and know that it would go just perfect with the yarn.  Can you guess what it is?  Do the numbers give it away?  What if I show you a whole bunch of numbers?

Did you guess an advent calendar?  I really would like to show it to you all strung up, but sadly I did not take the time to hang it.  For one thing, I did not want to open the package of ornament hooks I bought to use for hanging it up, as it needs to go in the mail and I did not want all those hooks just loose in the envelope.  Bad idea, I'm thinking.  For another thing, I am not quite sure where to hang it here.  I need to figure it out, though, because I am so in love with it, I want very much to make another one to keep for myself.  I think that will be a much more gradual process, one or two pieces at a time in between other projects.  But if I can manage to complete it, then perhaps later in December, I can show you a garlandy picture.  :)

Oh, one last picture - I did something extra special for the ornament for Christmas Day.  It photographed the worst of anything, unfortunately, but I think you will get the idea...

Friday, November 26, 2010

What do you mean, I’m indecisive?

Ok, maybe a little.  Yeah, I’ve moved again.  Sorry.  Honestly, I’m really not sure why I didn’t move to blogger the first time.  :doh  It just makes more sense to use the Google service integrated with everything else I already use, including my Android phone.  And the background options are – well, there’s lots more of them, so I can now play around and change things up by changing my background, not my address.  : D  If it imports from WP… it seems to be taking quite a while to do that… *gets a little worried*

So, it won’t import.  And I’m not copying everything over, with comments and everything – I don’t post that much, but it’s still too much hassle.  So instead you get a link.  Go here to see the older stuff.  I’ll add a link on the sidebar too.

On a separate note, I think I really need to do something about some emoticons, if I can.  I spend so much time on GCM and am so used to using the emoticons there, I miss them when I am typing somewhere else.  :(  Except they get put into posts as an img file and I can’t just insert them into the text, they only line up certain places.  :doh  Maybe I will make a reference page with the “code” and the img and then just use the code… Is that stupid?  I mean, the ones I use the most often, I translate the code in my head anyway – so i read the code but see the smiley, you know?  Meh, it’s my blog, I’ll do what I want.  This is how I write, so I’m doing it, even if it’s stupid.  So there.