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About Me

Welcome to my crazy little corner!  This blog, I think, is going to be rather eclectic, just like me.  Some crafting, some thinking, probably some ranting, a bit of randomness, and a lot of mommy-ness.    I don't know how often I'll write, but sometimes I just need a place to go to sort things out, as I am learning to live newly.
I am a (mostly) SAHM to one little dragonet.  I do work part time at a children's clothing retailer, but my heart is really at home.  It is definitely an adjustment from working full time, and I am still trying to figure out how to balance getting things done with taking care of my little one.  That process is even more complicated now that we are living with my mom and step-dad - not my house, not my kitchen, and certainly not my preference for the routines and habits I want to be building!  But it's the best place for our family for this season, and it's only a season.  Meanwhile, I'm trying to take advantage of the lessened household responsibilities to make more time for crafting.